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Chat Your Value


Chat Your Value

Crisis Help-lines Assisted by Trained Young Volunteers

The project is about sharing best practices in the helpline environment for improving emotional support via chat.

For this kind of service helplines need to recruit, train and mentor young volunteers, who are the most skilled in using the new devices and current communication tools.

Furthermore, by increasing the presence of young volunteers and the availability of emotional support via chat, helplines can meet the needs of young callers, who usually prefer contacts via chat and text-message.

The project, funded by the EU programme Erasmus +, started in Autumn 2020 and ended in February 2023. 

It's a development of the YOUThES – Recruiting young volunteers for crisis helplines project, which has shown the value of having young volunteers in TES and the benefits for young people trained in listening, in terms of personal growth, gain of life-experience, ability to activate helping relationships, maturation of solidarity and awareness of playing a role as active members of society.

The partnership of the Chat Your Value project:

IFOTES Europe e.V., Germany (leader of the project)

Telefono Amico Italia, Italy

SOS Amitié, France

LESZ, Hungary


ARTESS - Association for Research and Training on Emotional Support Skills, Italy

Tele-Onthaal, Belgium

The output is a best practice manual available in 7 languages.