IFOTES Europe e. V.

IFOTES EUROPE e.V. is a registered charity foundation, devoted to the support of the International Federation of Telephone Emergency Services (IFOTES).

IFOTES Europe aims to promote the intra-European advancement of phone and web-based suicide prevention and other emergency services, as well as mental and emotional support for people in need by:

  • promoting communication across Europe between its telephone emergency ser-vice centres via meetings, conferences and symposia, as well as other media-based channels.
  • networking amongst the Association’s Members, as well encouraging pan-European cooperation between social welfare and health care organisations.
  • developing and evaluating procedures, statistics and analyses, which advance the work of crisis prevention and improve its quality, 
  • documenting and transmitting information about quality-improving measures in the areas of emotional health, crisis and suicide prevention.
  • developing and implementing prevention and training programmes that serve to prevent crises and create emotional balance and mental health.


Email contact: 

IFOTES Europe project manager

Dr. Stefan Schumacher - Hagen, Germany