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Measurement of Listening Skills

The project aims to make listening skills measurable and allows people to test them individually using a questionnaire.

The questionnaire is now available here in different languages.

The personal strengths and weaknesses in listening are outlined and suggestions for personal development are offered through "learning nuggets", as a first step available to everyone to improve listening awareness and develop their listening skills.

The general purpose of the project is to demonstrate that listening skills can be acquired and that there are learning and training opportunities accessible to all people interested in improving their communication and relationship skills. 

The TES partners of the project have put into the project all their experience in training TES volunteers in listening. The scientific and technical partners have ensured that the tools developed meet the scientific and quality requirements.

The project is innovative in the following aspects:

1.It developped a tool to measure listening skills 

2.It provides individuals with information on their listening competence (part of their soft skills)

3.It provides support and suggestions to develop listening skills

4.It is easily accessible through a digital platform, in 7 languages, at no cost

The partnership of the Monalisa project:

IFOTES Europe e.V., Germany – lead partner

Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Germany

Studio Rucli - Training and counseling, Italy

Westcode GmbH, Germany

LESZ, Hungary

Telefono Amico Italia

SOS Amitié, France


De Luisterlijn, The Netherlands

The project started in September 2019 and ended in February 2022.

The Project MONALISA was funded by the European Program Erasmus + 

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