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V.O.I.C.E.S. Violence is when....

Violence against Women and Children from the Telephone Emergency Services Observatory

The VOICES project was carried out by Telefono Amico Italia, Telefonseelsorge Germany, Télé Accueil Belgium ad IFOTES. 

The aim, through the comparison of experiences and knowledge, was to confront and improve the different intervention modalities adopted when answering calls for help from maltreated children, adolescents and women, or those exposed to phisical, sexual or psychological violence or who live in any type of disadvantaged situation. 

To improve the service the main goal was that of creating a permanent common training programme. However another important goal was to strenghten and coordinate the European network of Telephone Emergency Service, and also to develop common networking systems with public emergency services, courts of law, juvenile courts and crisis and family help centres. 

Another aim of the project was to inform and raising public awareness about the problem and setting up direct prevention activities directed at encouraging non-violence and respect for children, adolescents and women.

The Project V.O.I.C.E.S: was funded by the EU Daphne Programme in 1999-2000.