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EmPoWEring: Educational Path for Emotional Well-being


ERASMUS + PROGRAM   -   Project Number : 2015-1- DE02-KA204- 002492

Empowering: Educational Path for Emotional Well-being


Have you ever talked to a friend about a problem only to realize that they are unable to grasp why the issue is so important to you? Have you ever presented an idea to a group and left everyone confused? Or maybe someone suddenly accuses you of not listening to their needs at all? What is going on in these situations?

Being a good listener is one of the most important and amazing life skills that anyone can achieve. Yet not many of us know how to do it because nobody has taught us and even fewer have had the experience of really being listened to. Like most things it’s about education.


We value everyone’s right to be heard and to receive emotional support at their time of need and we believe that listening is a key competence to provide emotional well being in private and business situations.

The aim of this project was to lift the treasure of listening skills in the field of listening centres in Europe, to put together best practice experiences under scientific criteria and to set up a 120 hours training to educate the basic competences in listening for everyone. The effectiveness of the training has been measured using scientific based assessments.

The project is funded by EU under the programme ERASMUS + KA2- Strategic Adult Education.


  • Improving measures in the area of emotional health/crisis and suicide prevention
  • Mapping of knowledge and initiatives of Emotional support and Emotional well-being in EU countries with a focus on social competences
  • Developing learning programs for enabling the awareness of emotional support and a training path to equip professionals and volunteers with the social competences oriented to emotional well-being
  • Validating the non-formal competences of volunteers and professionals, i.e. validating the profile of “Listener”
  • Encouraging pan-European cooperation


  1. Innovative emotional well-being initiatives towards a mindset change: mapping of 92 organisations that provide emotional support in Europe, particularly in the 4 project partner’s countries
  2. Emotional well-being training modules and resources: a Listening Skills course of 30 hours theoretical blended-learning module,  40 hours face-to-face group education and 50 hours of filed practice
  3. Model and recommendations for an emotional support curriculum
  4. Web-page Listening Skills


The Empowering consortium  includes 10 partners from 4 EU countries (Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands):

IFOTES Europe - Germany: Coordinator

LESZ Association of the Hungarian TES - Hungary

Telefono Amico Italia - Italy

TelefonSeelsorge centre of Munich - Germany

Sensoor centre of Rotterdam - The Netherlands

Universität Heidelberg Germany - Medical Faculty - Department for Internal General Medicine and Psychosomatics

NIVEL Institute for health services research - The Netherlands

Végeken Egészséglélektani Alapítvány - Hungary

Studio Rucli - Training and counselling - Italy

Scuola Nazionale Servizi – Italy


The project started in September 2015 and finished in September 2017.