ARTESS is a non profit organisation based in Udine - Italy. 

The aim of the association is to develop research and training on emotional well-being.  It focuses in particular on relational skills, active listening and on the enhancement of the human, psychological and spiritual dimensions. 

ARTESS is strictly connected to IFOTES and IFOTES Europe and organises events and training related to Emotional Health

ARTESS organised for IFOTES the XXI international congress "Leaving Loneliness, Building Relationships" in Udine on 3-7 July 2019 and the XXII congress "Winds of Hope - Acceptance and capacity for change" in Lignano on 18-22 October 2023. 


Ass. Cult. ARTESS - Association for Research and Training on Emotional Support Skills

Via Trento 45, 33100 Udine - Italy
VAT 94145220300