World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

Published by IFOTES on 10 September 2019

Listening can help  

Sonja Karrer, IFOTES President

In the member countries and federations of IFOTES our TES-volunteers are regularly trained to talk to suicidal persons. More and more they do it not only by listening on the phone, but also by “talking” (writing) online.

At our last congress in Udine about 900 volunteers participated and were meeting, listening and sharing best practices to help people who feel lonely – and therefore often think about suicide.

Does it help to listen and to talk to suicidal persons? Maybe not always, but I know that our volunteers are doing their best to help people who are desperate and lonely.

Not only on this special “World Suicide Prevention Day”, but every day all of us should think about it: Should I listen to this friend of mine, talk to that person, could I make him or her feel better by just really listening?

Let’s try it!

Sonja Karrer

IFOTES President

Here are the initiative of IFOTES members for the suicide prevention day 

This year the World Suicide Prevention Day - September 10 - and the World Mental Health Day - October 10 - focus on the same subject of suicide prevention and are connected through a 40 days campaign: see IASP-WSPD and WFMH-WMHD 

The World Health Organization supports the initiative: see here

Take part in WSPD on 10th #WorldSuicidePreventionDay and help make a difference!