We're looking for Volunteers

Published by IFOTES on 13 May 2019

The  IFOTES 2019 Congress - Leaving Loneliness, Building relationships - is getting closer and closer and we have decided to launch a call for volunteers to contribute to the event, scheduled in Udine from 3 to 7 July. In those days the capital of Friuli will be transformed into a great meeting place where you can tell the story and where you can listen. The city will be a crossroads for hundreds of people (about 1000 are expected) from 20 European and extra countries, you can speak and hear many languages and live in a multicultural context. The nerve centre of the 5 days of study will be the Teatro Nuovo, but the program will also include numerous events open to the public and side events.

The congress is realized with the collaboration and support of the Municipality of Udine - WHO Project 'Healthy Cities', Region, FVG Tourism Promotion and University of Udine.

To feel good, people need meaningful relationships. Feeling alone or isolated is closely linked to social pain. Nowadays, however, many people suffer from loneliness. The city of Udine will become a laboratory of social connections and creativity, a place from which to draw inspiration and strengthen your commitment in the field of emotional health and social well-being.

All this thanks to IFOTES - International Federation of Telephone Emergency Services - which since 1967 has associated 32 helplines in 25 countries around the world with over 20,000 volunteers offering emotional support.

The organizers are looking for young people - over 18 - curious, enthusiastic, with a great desire to get involved and see the background of an event of international scope. The minimum commitment is two shifts (7 hours in total). To apply (by June 2, 2019) just fill out the online form. Good knowledge of English, or German and French, and good ability to relate with people of different cultures and backgrounds are required. For the volunteers it will be an opportunity to get closer to a topic of which we do not talk much, but also to put in place their own relational skills and improve their language skills. They can try their hand at reception, logistics, secretariat, communication (indicating two preferred activities), but also participate in some sessions and workshops among those dedicated exclusively to congress participants.