Suicide prevention: Buried Alive, film and campaign

Published by IFOTES on 20 February 2018

Suicide prevention: Buried Alive, film and campaign

Reza Khodamehri, a young Iranian film director launched a crowdfunding campaign for a suicide prevention project.

Reza is now based in Germany and since Spring 2016 is in contact with IFOTES to promote his project in Europe.

Unfortunately, I lost one of my friends which shocked all of us. After that incident all of us have been feeling guilty until now. Because we knew he was suffering from a deep depression, but we could not imagine him committing suicide one day. And now we all regret of not believing his suicide signs and leaving him alone. He could been rescued.

After many years I decided to make a movie about suicide with the intention to talk about this taboo a bit more openly and with the idea to do something for suicide prevention. The stigma of suicide goes back a long way, which probably explains why no-one likes to talk about it.

“ Buried Alive ” is a short movie about a girl who is sick of life and who is planning to commit suicide, but she scares from people’s judgment about her action to death, therefore she decides to make herself ill and then commit suicide, so that people would say she fell ill and died. All the scenes in the movie are inspired from the story Buried Alive by Sadegh Hedayat. Trailer

Sadegh Hedayat’s story of Buried Alive was influenced by his own life. Since he himself committed suicide, many of the thoughts mentioned in the story were experienced by himself and were not just a simple imagination of the novelist.

The goal of this campaign is not just to receive some funds but also build up a network of people, who want to be our companions in this project and take every step, which we take. We would really become glad to listen to your advice in our journey and have you with us. So far we have received very good feedback from people, who know our intention and we hope to come all together to accomplish a better suicide prevention program. We believe even the longest night would end to light and we don't need suicide. We just need to stay with each other in hard times and don't forget each other.

We support the campaign. Please join us !

Thank you!