Sos Amitié Congress 2017

Published by IFOTES on 13 July 2017

Sos Amitié Congress 2017

19 - 21 May

For SOS Amitié listening creates or restores the link from one to another and make him or her feel that he or she belongs to a common world.

It is necessary, individually and collectively, to be able to understand the great changes in this shifting world.

What about the loss of landmarks and transformations that affect the family, the work, the foundations of identity?

What about the evil being generalized, the feeling of social disaffiliation that many calls bear witness?

How can we forge in the people the capacity to listen to the most deprived and most precarious one?

This congress will be an opportunity to discuss the meaning that we give to listening as a social act and inquire the possible evolution within SOS.