Digital counseling: the developments of the chat listening service in TES

Published by IFOTES on 29 March 2021

Digital Counseling

How IFOTES members are increasing the listening service provided via chat and email

IFOTES Director Diana Rucli wrote an article on how TES (Telephone Emergency Services) provide the chat listening service and how younger generations can be involved to become TES volunteers. 

We are in fact convinced that the contribution of young resources can bring new strength and capacity to listening centers.

The article was published in the German magazine Bundeszenter für gesundheitliche Aufklärung in its 2-2020 issue (page 12-14).

In the same magazine you can read the article of Michael Hillenkamp "Der Krisenkompass der TelefonSeelsorge" (page 15-17).

German version: link to the BZgA magazine  

Podcast of the article in English