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Every three years IFOTES organizes an international congress together with a national member.
The objectives are to:

  • Exchange experiences and training related to emotional and mental health in various cultural environments
  • Explore the latest scientific research in plenary sessions and workshops
  • Further improve the quality of the services offered by members
  • Increase the motivation for volunteer work in this field

The organisation of this every-three-year-Congress brings together between 800 and 1000 persons.
During the congress the General Assembly is held and the President elected, according to the international statutes of IFOTES.

CONGRESS 2016 in Aachen - Germany

Aachen - Germany,  July 19-22 2016: FOR LIFE TO GO ON - 50 years of providing emotional support and preventing suicide" www.ifotescongress2016.org 

Presentation of the theme of the congress by the President Dr. Stefan Schumacher
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Gothenburg - Sweden, July 2013: "Vulnerability as a challenge" www.ifotescongress-2013.org

Congress Goth2 July 2013 Ifotes 2013.1 Ifotes 2013.11

Highlights IFOTES Congres s 2013

Vienna - Austria, July 2010: “ Listening for Peace - exploring alternatives to violencewww.ifotescongress2010.org

Ifotes Congress 2010 Wien   Ifotes Congress 2010 009 Kongresserö (121) Ifotes Congress 2010 Wien 016 Seifen (110)

Highlights IFOTES Congress 2010

Prato – Italy, July 2007: “ Emotional Health – a new consciousnesswww.ifotescongress2007.org

Congr. Ifotes (77) Congr. Ifotes (71) Congr. Ifotes (61)

Highlights IFOTES Congress 2007

Ljubljana - Slovenia, July 2003: "The joy of living"

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