Published: Wednesday, 05/03/2017

UE project Empowering - Educational Path for Emotional Well-being

International Multiplier Event in Vierzehnheiligen (near Bamberg) - Germany

The event takes place from 9.5. 16.00 h to 10.5. 12.30 h during the annual conference meeting of the German TES.
The project outcome so far will be presented, with information on how to use it for training of volunteers in listening centres and/or with professionals from the health care environment.

The project developed a course about listening-skills which is available in English, German, Italian, Hungarian and Dutch. It includes:
• 30 hours’ theory (web based and self-learning)
• 40 hours’ practice (group training)
• 50 hours transfer and supervision

The content of the training was focused on the following listening competences: empathy; emotional stability; respect and authenticity, active listening, resource activation, leading a conversation.

During the multiplier event the project, the scientific concept and work, the training concept, the website, the learning material and some examples from the training methods will be presented. 

Presentations will be in German and English.

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