Published: Wednesday, 06/24/2015

IFOTES congress 2016

The next international congress will be held in Aachen - Germany 19-22 July 2016. The title is "For life to go on - 50 years of providing emotional support and preventing suicide"

The theme of our international congress in Aachen reflects the work of more than 21,000 members of our federation, volunteers in 23 countries who are dedicated to helping people in emotional and psychological distress. This European cooperation across national frontiers began almost 50 years ago, in the year 1967, when those committed to telephone counselling in a number of different countries met in Geneva for the purpose of founding the non-profit making organisation "International Federation of Telephone Emergency Services" (IFOTES).

This twentieth IFOTES Congress will deal with the two central tasks of media-based support for people in critical emotional situations: helping them to overcome the urge to commit suicide and strengthening their emotional equilibrium.

Congress web-site

Presentation of the theme of the congress by the President Dr. Stefan Schumacher

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