World Alliance of Crisis Helplines 

IFOTES, Life Line International, Befrienders Worldwide, Lifeline Australia, De Leo Fund and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline created WACH (World Alliance of Crisis Helplines), former ESA (Emotional Support Alliance), a worldwide network which common aim is to:
• Improve access for people in distress to emotional support services
• Maximise impact of value of emotional support services through advocacy
• Increase information exchange, best practice and networking between members
• Offer training to promote the awareness of emotional health and suicide prevention
• Share information material
• Make joint presentations at international events
• Cooperate with other organisations that share the same concerns

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Montreal on June 16 2015, during the IASP congress. WACH is now officially the global association for the promotion of the role and expertise of help lines. The members of WACH have prepared the handbook "Preventing Suicide - a resource for establishing a Crisis Line" which was forwarded to WHO for eventual publication. 

Photo Wach Signatries Montreal Signatures Mo U June 2015Signatories of the MoU in Montreal

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1st ESA Symposium - Oslo, 28-29 September 2013