Pubblicata: Giovedì, 17/12/2015

Enno Selirand

Enno Selirand

Enno Selirand passed away on December 14, 2015. Our colleagues of USALDUS - Estonia informed us of the sad news:

"From early 2014 after a sudden collapse the President of the Estonian Association of Psychological Support USALDUS, Mr Enno Selirand, spent the rest of his days in stationary condition under the permanent life support of the hospital medicine, being nevertheless incapable to any communication.
His sufferings ended in December 14th, 2015, but his dedicated work will be continued."

Enno Selirand has been for years the president of the Estonian Association USALDUS and was intensively engaged in suicide prevention. He promoted the links between USALDUS and other organisations of helplines In Europe, so that Estonia was the first Baltic country member of IFOTES. 

IFOTES community is close to the Estonian colleagues for this loss and expresses its deepest condolences.