Pubblicata: Lunedì, 22/05/2017

50 years of Telefono Amico Italia - Conference in Rome


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50 years of Telefono Amico Italia

What is the helpline's role in the digital world? 

This is the question that TAI will try to answer on the 25th of May during a conference in Rome.

"We are certain that the human relationship is essential - said Dario Briccola, president of TAI - first the human being and his or her needs. This is the awareness that our organization and our volunteers has always preserved, keeping up our mission: give to anyone who suffers an emotional crisis the chance to talk with someone open minded anytime. 

These are the questions that TAI and the speakers will try to answer:

  • Which is the way to help who contact us?
  • How can TAI improve its network?
  • Which is the future of the helpline in the digital era?
  • How connect the helpline's work with the social media?


  • TAI
  • Telefono Azzurro
  • Telefono Rosa
  • Auser Filo d'Argento
  • SPS
  • Luigi Troiati
  • Facebook 
  • Emma Cavallaro (ConVoI)
  • Viktor Staudt

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