Pubblicata: Lunedì, 12/10/2015

Conference on fragility and suicide prevention


IFOTES organizes a public lecture on the themes of fragility and crisis, suicide prevention and promotion of emotional health. The event will take place in Udine, Sala Ajace on October 22 at h. 18 and is sponsored by the City of Udine within the project "Healthy Cities". 

This short conference intends to draw attention not only on the conditions that cause crisis, but also on the instruments of prevention and the ability of individuals and communities to respond to emotional distress and encourage resilience.

The speakers are leading experts on these issues:
• Prof. Matteo Balestrieri, director of the University Psychiatric Clinic of the Hospital of Udine
• Prof. Diego De Leo, director of the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (Griffit University) and chairman of De Leo Fund.
• Dr. Stefan Schumacher, president of IFOTES and director of the helpline Telefonseelsorge in Hagen (D).
Also representatives of operational services in the territory will attend, including Dr. Renzo Bonn from the local Department of Mental Health, and Dario Briccola, president of Telefono Amico Italia.
Diana Rucli, director of IFOTES, will chair the conference.

Citizens, organizations and professionals working in the field of Mental and Emotional Health and suicide prevention are invited to attend.

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