IFOTES promotes and supports conferences and seminars on emotional health and well-being and collaborates with Institutions, Universities and other non-profit organisations that work in the same field.

Helpline games - National conference of LESZ - Magyar LelkiMagyar Lelki Elsősegély Telefonszolgálatok Szövetsége - in Szeged,  Hungary, 26-28 August 2016

Fragilità, crisi e rischio di suicidio: parlarne si può - Conference in Udine, Italy, 22 October 2015 

Il contrasto e la condivisione - National Congress of Telefono Amico Italia - Prato, Italy 16-18 October 2015 + Round Table on suicide prevention

Invitati@parlarne - Le nuove frontiere dell'ascolto nella prevenzione del suicidio - Conference in Padua, Italy, 11-12 September 2015

Seeing beyond in facing death. Spirituality from sick body to salvation - Contents, care and relationship in different cultures - International Conference in Padua, Italy 25-27 September 2014