Some videos with lectures and slides presented in conferences or recent IFOTES congresses are uploaded in this area.

La force fragile (The strengths of weakness), video-interview to Philippe Pozzo di Borgo by Jean-François Roche, Gothenburg (SE) 14 July 2013

Die Kraft der Verwundbarkeit (The power of vulnerability), Clemens Sedmak, Gothenburg (SE) 11 July 2013

Suicidal worrying, online and telephone , Ad Kerkhof, Gothenburg (SE) 11 July 2013      Slides      

Effectiveness of a web-based self-help intervention , Ad Kerkhof, Gothenburg (SE) 11 July 2013         Slides

Esperienze emotive dell'insensatezza del vivere. Un approccio filosofico (Emotional experiences when life has no meaning: a philosophical approach), Roberto Garaventa, Prato (IT) 13 July 2007    Slides