Published: Lunes, 11/27/2017

Call to fill in the questionnaire of the project YOUThES - Recruiting young volunteers for crisis help-lines

The International Committee of IFOTES is working on a project called YOUThES - Recruiting young volunteers for crisis help-lines, funded by the European program Erasmus+.

The aim of the project is to share, discuss and develop possible strategies for recruitment, motivation, skills enhancement and appropriate mentoring of young people in crisis support.

Here you have a link to our special questionnaire for young people who are already involved in crisis helplines or might become volunteers
The questionnaire is in in English and is made of 10 simple questions. 
For this survey we consider young those who have less than 35 years. Could you please do what you can in your organisation to make young volunteers informed and involved, so that there will be many answers from your country? 

We keep collecting answers until 15th March 2018. Report of the results will be available in April 2018.

Thank you very much!