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The QuaLiS project was part of the GRUNDVIG program for life-long-learning. GRUNDVIG is a program of the European Union in the field of adult education. It allows a border crossing exchange and cooperation of trainers and learners.
The QuaLiS took place from 2013-2015 with six regional TES partners: The Muslimic TES in Berlin/Germany, the TES in Loce/Slovenia, the TES in Györ/Hungary, the TES in Naples/Italy, the TES in Bergen/Norway, the TES in Rotterdam/Netherland and the coordinating partner IFOTES-Europe.
The aim of the meetings was to exchange the TES best practice in listening and to present good exercises for training. Each trainer had a responsibility for one main key-word (suicide prevention, emotional support, empathy and congruence, meaning in life…) under which training and listening got reflected. 

Qua Li S Maribor  Qua Li S Berlin  Qua Li S BergenIn this area you find all document-outcomes of the project. Each paper has a short theoretical description of the theme and a presentation of useful exercises that train the needed competences, following some dialogue examples that explain the technique in practice. The documents can be useful in training-courses of communication, listening skills and crisis intervention.

- Ethical personality of a listener  - Intercultural aspects of training listening skills
- Basic training in listening skills  - Congruence in listening                                         
- Emotional Support: training and exercises - Best practise in crisis intervention
- Training for suicide prevention - Logotherapy in Telephone Counselling 
- Positive psychology - Logotherapy -Von Ohr zu Ohr  -  Gender question in TES                

Translated into Dutch: Basic training in listening skills - Culturele aspecten - Ethisch handvest voor de luisteraar - Masteringemoties - Suicide prevention - Gender aspecten

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