Published: Thursday, 03/05/2015

The strengths of weakness

In 1993, Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, then head of a famous Champagne house, crashes while paragliding. He becomes quadriplegic.
His wife Beatrice, weakened by a long cancer, helps him out. 3 years later, she dies.
Philippe wrote in his book, “The Second Wind”: “this is the time when I became really handicapped”; this sudden loneliness brought him into depression.
His care-taker, Abdel – a tough guy, freshly out of jail, which he called later his “devil keeper”- kept him out of bed, throwing him into life again.
The book became a movie, “The untouchables”, which has been the greatest French success worldwide of all times.
Since two years, Philippe has been confronted to thousands of letters, coming from all over the world, expressing disarray, suffering, even without visible disability. 

Jean-François Roche, Beatrice’s brother, active in IFOTES France, questioned his brother-in-law Philippe, during an interview in Nantes, where Philippe was a speaker on the subject of “the strengths of weakness”.