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Recruiting young volunteers for crisis help-lines

The volunteers are the backbone of IFOTES and every helpline. The YOUThES project's aim is to exchange information, best practices and and develop new strategies for recruitment, motivation, skills enhancement and appropriate mentoring of young people in crisis support.

Call to young volunteers (up to 35): please fill in this questionnaire 

The transnational Meetings

From 2016 to 2018 there will be six meetings across Europe:
M 1 - Budapest: Statistical review and exchange of age structures in TES and crisis helplines
M 2 - Rotterdam: Strategies in recruiting volunteers on a national level
M 3 - Angers: Strategies in recruiting volunteers on a local level
M 4 - Bergen: Strategies in recruitment by using different media and internet
M 5 - Udine: Models and concept for best practice in recruiting young volunteers
M 6 - Cologne: Communication, promotional activities and offers to motivate and involve young volunteers in crisis helplines

Aim of the project

The aim of the partnership is to achieve an additional value of knowledge and experience for each partner throughout common reflection and exchange on best practices of recruiting young volunteers working for the emergency hotlines of the partner organizations.
To document the results of the partnership a best practice manual will be developed together. 


  • IFOTES Europe
  • SOS Amitié France
  • Kirkens SOS Bergen
  • Telefono Amico Italia
  • LESZ Hungary
  • Telefonseelsorge Austria
  • Studio Rucli Italy
  • Palveleva puhelin Finland