Finland – FAMH: plans of SOS Crisis Centre in Helsinki:
- Bike procession: Cycle Around the Globe for World Suicide Prevention Day
- Seminar open to the public: Suicide prevention in the workplace.
- A possibility to tie a ribbon in memory of those who died by suicide.
Annually on 10th September a seminar is organized together with a NGO called Surunauha in Helsinki. The main principle of Surunauha is to support those who have lost their loved ones for suicide.
Many other Crisis Centres of FAMH have their own events around Finland. More

Hungary - LESZ: „Choice of life” Congress on Suicide Prevention Day, September 11, 2015                        „Look how much road and mountain forests wait, get ahead all the way.” The sound of music.
Organised in cooperation of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, the Fire Wheel Foundation Hatvan, the Department of Public Health Hatvan and the Hungarian Federation of Telephone Emergency Services (LESZ).    Plenary lectures:
• Coping strategies of kindergarten and school-age children (The role of fairy tales)
• Taboos and myths about suicide (What can we do for young people in school to support the „choice of life”?)
• „In case of emergency” (Book launch)
• Crisis Help Line as a tool in the hands of young people (LESZ/IFOTES)

Italy - De Leo Fund in collaborazione con Telefono Amico: Pedala intorno al Mondo

Italy - Telefono Amico Italia: dal 6 al 12 settembre prenderà il via un’importante campagna di sensibilizzazione e comunicazione predisposta da Telefono Amico Italia con Ferrovie dello Stato che verrà veicolata in tutte le stazioni, in occasione della Giornata Mondiale per la Prevenzione del Suicidio (10 settembre): Riemergere si può. Parliamone   

Italy Tai Fs Locandina

Italy - Centro Telefono Amico di Padova: venerdì 11 e sabato 12 settembre il centro Telefono Amico di Padova organizza il convegno "Invitati@parlarne" in collaborazione con la De Leo Fund. Programma del convegno

Italy Tapd Invitati@Parlarne

Portugal - SOS Voz Amiga: O filme "Vazio" do realizador Bruno Gascon terá ante estreia no Dia Mundial da Prevenção do Suicídio a acontecer no Forum Lisboa - 10 de Setembro de 2015, com organização do SOS Voz Amiga

Singapore - Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) is organising a week-long campaign to involve the community in suicide prevention by encouraging the public to ask their loved ones how they are and to be there for one another. We hope to fight the stigma of suicide in an innovative and interactive way. More

Spain - Teléfono de la Esperanza: Ponle ganas a la Vida - Todos podemos ayudar en la prevención del suicidio     Dossier Informativo  

Spain Asites Cartel Nacional