The General Assembly is the supreme legislative body governing IFOTES and shall meet at least at three years interval. The full members are entitled to appoint delegates to the GA.
Some tasks of the GA among others are: election of the President, ratification and acceptance of new members, exclusion of members, approval of changes in the function and purpose of IFOTES, amendments of the Statutes, Ethical Charter and International Norms.


The International Committee serves as the governing body between the General Assemblies. It operates with the authority vested by the GA and it is responsible to the GA.
The IC shall be composed of delegates appointed by the full members and confirmed by the GA.
It implements all directives and policies established by the GA and has the authority to co-operate with any other body with or through which the purpose of IFOTES may be enhanced.
The responsibility of the International Committee is to ensure that the purpose of IFOTES is followed, and to define and suggest appropriate objectives and policies on matters pertaining to the advancement of the interests and welfare of IFOTES and its members.


Four members of the Executive Committee are elected by the members of the International Committee from among their numbers. It is composed of two vice-Presidents, a Treasurer and one additional person who together with the President form the EC.


The President is elected by the General Assembly. He/she represents IFOTES on the international level and chairs the meetings of General Assembly, the International Committee and the Executive Committee. He/she leads the whole process of the development of IFOTES.


The Director is responsible for the management of the International secretariat and implementation of projects. The Director attends the meetings of the International Committee and the Executive Committee as an advisor.