International Federation Of Telephone Emergency Services

We bring together National Associations of Telephone Emergency Service

IFOTES is an international federation founded in 1967 that brings together National Associations of Telephone Emergency Service which offer emotional support, immediately accessible to any person suffering from loneliness, in a state of psychological crisis, or contemplating suicide.

24/7 hours EMOTIONAL SUPPORT offered by trained volunteers

Those who call benefit from a genuine human relationship based on non-judgmental listening, offered by experienced trained volunteers. This support is entirely confidential and free of charge.

We promote the exchange of experiences amongst our national members

IFOTES’ mission is to promote the exchange of experiences amongst its national members by organizing congresses, training sessions and seminars, which contribute to the quality of the services offered by its members. It also supports all efforts to create telephone emergency service centres and national associations worldwide.


Monday, 12/15/2014

Un Mal, des Mots - Listening at Christmas time

Listening at Christmas - video. With best wishes to everyone and all volunteers who will be listening and providing the service during Christmas time.

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Monday, 12/15/2014

Newsletter 3/2014

In this edition of the newsletter: TESVolSat survey on satisfaction and motivation of TES volunteers and professionals, data 2013, developments in communication and tools for members. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Friday, 10/31/2014

TESVolSat - Survey on Volunteer Satisfaction and Motivation

Launch of the 1st international survey on motivation and satisfaction of TES volunteers and professionals.

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